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stress bunny

Are You #%*! Stressed???

Would you agree that one thing we all have in common living in our hectic chaotic world is feelings of anxiety? We think it has become a universal way of being. Kind of a new normal if you will: harried and stressed, anxiety-filled, fast paced living. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a little Read More…

#ME TOO, Your soul, and an Avocado Seed

#ME TOO, Your soul, and an Avocado Seed The national sexual harassment reckoning, your soul, and an avocado seed have more in common than you’d suspect. Have you ever been fascinated by watching an avocado seed grow? Before you think I’ve lost it and that maybe I need to get a life, hear me out. Read More…

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Soul Happy

#MeToo / The world’s largest support group

What comes to mind when you think about the #MeToo Movement? Watch now.   

what is the conscious mind?

What Really is Consciousness Anyway??

What comes to mind when you think of the word “consciousness”?  Your higher, more moral self? The part of your mind that listens to God, if you believe in God? What it actually is, and we mean this in the literal scientific sense, is awareness. Our favorite cell biologist, Bruce Lipton found that when he Read More…

Soul Happy Energy

Is Everything Really Made of Energy?

So, even if you accept at face value what scientists have been saying for years, that everything is made up of energy, it can boggle the mind to truly grasp that.  For instance, the chair you’re sitting in feels solid, right? So how can it be energy? If you had an extremely powerful microscope, and Read More…

The Blame Game

The Blame Game

Think you’ve never been hypnotized? Think again. For the first six years of life, children function in a hypnotic brainwave state. This is known as the theta wave frequency and it may account for your emotional and behavioral patterns. Parents often compare their child’s brain to a sponge — soaking up all kinds of information. Read More…

Join Us in La La Land

Although I’ve yet to see the movie “La La Land,” the title intrigued me because, in many ways, we’re all in our own version of La La Land. Tracy and I spent years developing the Soul Happy Technique TM, and along the way, we found that we would venture into our own La La Land.  Read More…