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Love Hertz

Valentine’s day is this month, it can be a wonderful opportunity to express love and affection toward the people you love, or it can be a difficult time. Sometimes, this day can evoke much sadness. It is all part of this human experience to love, fall in love, and unfortunately, we can also experience heartbreak. Read More…

New Year Resolution

Difficulty Keeping New Years Resolutions? Your Subconscious Made You do It.

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to keep New Years Resolutions?   Here’s the bad news, you are programmed to actually NOT keep your promises made to yourself about changing your daily habits, and it’s really not your fault. Unfortunately, we humans are wired that way. Losing at the game of personal growth is almost inevitable Read More…


“A form of meditation is mindfulness, which is a terrible word, because you are not using your mind when you’re practicing awareness, an awareness of a thought is not a thought….no thought and no mantra, just awareness when we practice these techniques we get in touch with core consciousness, in ancient traditions it is called Read More…

Authenticity – Who are you?

Cara & Tracy talk Authenticity. Are you presenting to the world who you really are?

Frequently asked questions

Cara & Tracy talk Soul Happy Technique and answer those frequently asked questions!  

Stress Less

Less #%* Stress! With the Soul Happy Technique

When you feel anxiety getting the best of you? Soul Happy can help. Watch now.

Clear the Cluster

The Cluster F: That Accumulated Gunk in the Subconscious Mind.

Interested in how that Cluster dictates our behavior? Watch now.  

Soul Happy

#MeToo / The world’s largest support group

What comes to mind when you think about the #MeToo Movement? Watch now.